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I don't really know to say. I don't have time for this though. I just don't really

Bubbleking0923 responds:

what do you mean...

Too hard anf fast. The controls are terrible. Would be good as a mobile game. Also... WHY COMIC SANS!q! COMIC SANSS DIE!!!!! This is so of thr hard to control. Only good as mobile game I think. The idea is good and I like the graphics and enemy much but execution is poor.

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I immediately the cymatics dubstep starter pack/ mothership samples.
Amazing complextro though.

DJVI responds:

Yeah they fit perfectly to the drop so I had to put them there :D

You failed to deliver much content, this song is just drums. If it had a bassline, more fx and a good arrangement I would scout you and give you a 3.5. Overall meh.

The vibe you created is really nice especially because it was made with no Zyn. The synths seem a little dry, but everything else is really nice. Very good for sometype of game. I couldn't hear any nescaline in this so why did you say you used nescaline. Nice vibe. 8/10

PS why did you say Zyn was based upon ready sounds? It only is if you use beginner mode, other than that it isn't at all.

PS PS You should try Zyn advanced

pawles22 responds:

Actually, half of the samples in this track were created using Nescaline. The whole foreground, to be precise.

Yeah, I lately chose the advanced version of ZynAdd, I just pressed the beginner one back when I started working with LMMS and then completely forgot, so I was surprised when I had to choose on a new computer (it was only like 2-3 months ago, too).

I haven't had the time to properly get used to the advanced version of ZynAdd yet, but I'll definitely do it as soon as I find a while.

Thanks! :)

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